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A deluxe in-depth echo pedal that marries analog tone shaping and DSP technology.

Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe is a programmable multi-tap delay with unprecedented flexibility and unlimited sound design potential. Every feature and function on the Echolution 2 can be run simultaneously, in any combination, putting a vast array of sounds at your fingertips. All 60 presets can be manipulated in real time via the front panel then saved and recalled instantly. A free PC/MAC application for the Echolution 2 allows even deeper real time editing and facilitates archiving as well as online sharing of presets via USB.

Analog i/o
Echolution 2 Deluxe features stereo inputs and outputs, sporting an all analog dry signal path along with extensive analog tone shaping and filtering before and after the 24-bit, variable-clock digital delay line. Rather than try to mimic the sound of analog delays, the Echolution 2 uses real analog filters and non-linear saturation stages to achieve its signature sound with a smaller footprint, higher fidelity and far greater functionality than its predecessors.

Delay Line
Available delay time goes from 10ms up to 12 seconds instantly settable via knob, tap tempo or MIDI. Changing the delay time manually results in the smooth pitch change of the analog delay units with a unique twist to allow octave up and down jumping. The delay line can also be turned off, to allow for the advanced modulation, pitch shifting and filter capabilities to be used as stand-alone effects.

The multi-tap capabilities of the Echolution 2 allow for the use of one or two discreet delays which can be assigned to musical subdivisions of the master delay time. Multi-tap selections include 1, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, and PHI (the golden ratio). One or any combination of two taps can be selected, allowing for instant access to all of the most crucial musical echo patterns as well as a wide range of unconventional polyrhythms.

LFO Modulation
The modulation section of the Echolution 2 features true sample rate modulation where both the read and write heads of the delay line are affected by one of four different LFO waveforms (Sine, Square, Saw or Sample and Hold). Each of these LFO waveforms can also be quantized with a STEP mode and will run freely or sync to either tap tempo and MIDI with a variable speed ratio from 1:8 to 8:1.

The Echolution 2 sports four all new filter modes (Low Pass, Tape, Comb and Sweep). Each of the first three modes can be combined with the SWEEP filter which is modulated by the LFO as described above. Any of these filter settings can then be run through a unique Pigtronix BIT CRUSHER destruction filter within the delay line as well.

Expression / Envelope
Every knob on the Echolution 2 can be mapped to the expression pedal. Using the included software, multiple functions can be mapped to expression with adjustable range for each parameter. Additionally, an envelope follower within the pedal can also be mapped to any parameter, with user definable sensitivity and release time for each function.

The Kitchen Sink
Advanced features such as Reverse, Ducking, Trails, Listen and Ping Pong modes are augmented by a unique Halo Shimmer function which causes the echoes to rise in octaves on each repeat. The externally triggered Freeze function allows you to loop the content of the delay line and an all new footswitch activated Jump function sends your echoes cascading up in octaves when desired. The TRS remote switch accessory pedal for the Echolution 2 provides Jump and Freeze functions as well as instant access to four favorite presets in each bank.

Echolution 2 supports up to 60 custom presets contained in 6 banks of 10, all of which can be edited in real time via the front panel and saved to the machine. Hands free Preset selection is accomplished by holding down the onboard TAP switch, using an external remote footswitch or via MIDI preset change command. The included PC/MAC application allows even deeper real time editing as well as the ability to import artist presets and share your own custom presets online.

MIDI IN provides instant preset change, Tap Tempo and LFO synchronization with an external source as well as remote control over every function of the Echolution 2. MIDI OUT allows for tap tempo control over the Pigtronix Infinity Looper and other MIDI capable devices. The USB port on the Echolution 2 provides connectivity to MAC or PC computers, allowing you to run the free Echolution 2 application for preset management and real-time tweaking of advanced parameters.

10ms - 12sec delay time
True Stereo i/o
15 multi tap patterns
Tap Tempo or Manual Control
8 Modulation Waveforms
8 Filter modes
LFO Sync to Tap and MIDI
Bit Crusher Destruction
Reverse Delay
Expression pedal control of all parameters
Envelope control of all parameters
Ping Pong
Octave Jump Delay
Halo "Shimmer" Effect
Freeze Effect
Delay Line Bypass
Dry Kill
Trails / Listen
Remote Preset Selection
Complete MIDI control
MIDI out
60 presets
USB connectivity
Free PC / MAC Editor

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