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Features: ~Measures 170cm long, protects rod from tangling and getting damaged. ~Capped tip end gives better protection to your fishing rod tip. ~Outwardly folded collar at handle end for quick removal. ~Mesh PET material is breathable and won't retain water. ~Expandable and flexible for easy-on and easy-off. ~Heat resistance up to 120. ~ ~

Material: PET
Color: Black / Black & Blue / Black & Green / Black & Red / Black & White / Green & Yellow / Army Green / Orange / Red / Purple (optional)
Length: 170cm / 66.9in
Width: 3.5cm - 6cm / 1.4in - 2.4in
Working Temperature: Max. 120
Weight: Approx. 40g / 1.4oz

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170cm Fishing Rod Cover Rod Sleeve Rod Sock Pole Glove

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